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Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh

Artsakh is an autonomous state in north-western Asia, but is still unrecognized. The area of ​​Nagorno-Karabakh Republic takes 11.458 square/Km, population 142,000 people. Artsakh borders with Armenia, Iran and Azerbaijan. Tourists can visit the Nagorno-Karabakh from the Armenian side, as the border between Azerbaijan and Karabakh remains closed. Despite the tensions, the tourist will feel peace. The capital of Stepanakert, where events are held regularly. Stepanakert is also famous for its cleanliness. Stepanakert is also a standards-compliant hotels, restaurants, cafes, and people considered to be friendly and hospitable.

Artsakh_Tati_Papi Artsakh_Cross_Khach Artsakh_Karabakh_Aryuc


Stepanakert - capital of Nagorno-Karabakh. The population is 57 thousand. Man. In Soviet times, there were various industrial and educational complexes. In the capital, has many attractions, but the focus is the area of ​​the Renaissance. It is here and the presidential residence and the parliament building. According to European standards Stepanakert considered clean for all accommodation, and although the conflict between Azerbaijan and Karabakh remain tense, does not affect the safety of residents and tourists. The conflict between the residents does not affect the safety of tourists. Artsakh is considered to be the safest place on the part of robberies, fraud and crime.


Shoushi city-fortress of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, a 5-minute drive from Stepanakert, while from the capital Yerevan, 310 km. You will hear a lot of stories and legends from the locals about Shoushi. The fact that the place is famous Shoushi Revival. There was a lot of mosques, which says that in the past, Christians and Muslims living under the same roof very friendly. In the world you will not find a place like Shoushi, with the amazing nature.

Artsakh_Shushi_Xazanchecoc Artsakh_Shoushi_Jdrdus


Historically, Artsakh is the north-eastern province of Armenia. Nagorno-Karabakh, as both in ancient times and now forms the cultural, economic unit with Armenia. This can be seen in the architectural masterpieces, churches, monasteries and fortresses. Cultural monuments of the Armenian nation in Artsakh exceed 4 thousand years.

Artsakh_Stepanakert_Pytachok_Fountain Artsakh_Stepanakert_Near_Armenia_Hotel_Sculpture Artsakh_Karabakh_Nur

The best time for tourists to visit Artsakh starts in May and continues through October. Here tourists can take part in various activities, see the sights and sample the local cuisine. Artsakh is an ideal place for eco-tourism, biking, hiking, sightseeing etc.



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